Monday, May 7, 2012

Summary of the Japan trip

Well, I have now been back in Sweden for a couple of weeks.

I have tried to think about the trip, and summarize what I liked, and what I didn't like. It was however hard to find anything that I didn't like. I enjoyed tho whole trip, and I would rank it as one of my better trips.

Japan has everything that I like to see and do. Very nice nature, cool and odd things, great shopping, good food and so on. I expected Japan to be very expensive, but it wasn't expensive if you compare it to Sweden. The only things that were really expensive in Japan were fruit and vegetables.

Some of the best things in random order

  • The trains
  • The people
  • The food
  • All odd things, such as the toilets

Some things that could be improved

  • People are smoking at the cafes, and it affects non smokers
  • It would be nice if more people spoke English

Signing off for now:

Ps, I tested the crabs. They weren't as crunchy as I had expected them to be. They were also a bit sweet, and I really didn't expect that. They tasted a bit of dried seaweed, and they gut stuck in your teeth.

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