Monday, October 21, 2013

Lots of music

We have spent a couple of days in the old town of Edinburgh, so we wanted to see something different when we took a hop on - hop off bus. Found one that went through the new town, and down to the harbour. There are a few different bus routes, but they all take about 1h. The first 15 minutes were interesting and we listened to the recorded audio guide.
The bus came to the first stop, a botanical garden, and most people got off there. The bus started to drive again, this time a bit faster and without audio guide, only annoying accordion music. I went to the bus driver after 40 minutes and asked if something was wrong. The bus driver looked like he just had seen a ghost, he thought the bus was empty when we left the garden. Well well. We got a free 24h ticket to all bus routes as compensation. Took 2 other routes, one with a live guide and one with a recorded one. The hop on hop off in Edingburgh is really good, but don't try to listen to the Scottish audio guide, it's impossible to understand.

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