Sunday, December 30, 2012

Leaving Big Island

Time to leave Plumeria Hill B&B, and Big Island. I don't regret that I decided to go to Big Island, and I certainly don't regret that we stayed at Plumeria hill B&B. Dennis, who run the BB, makes delicious breakfasts, and he's also very funny and friendly.

Plumeria is located at the end of the world, but what a beautiful surrounding. I have driven a few scenic routed on Big Island, but the coastal road next to Dennis place beats them all. There are also many different things to see in the area.

I'm a sucker for spicy food, and looks like I share that passion with Dennis who gave us two bags of dried pepper made from his home grown peppers. We got Hawaiian and ghost pepper! :-)

Went directly from the BB to Hilo airport to ask how much it would cost to rent the car for half a day, and they said that I could keep it for free. Sweet!

Drove to Akaka waterfalls north of Hilo, and took a scenic road back. Found a small "diner" on the way, and had lunch there. Bought an avocado wrap that was made with avocados that they grew next to the diner! Talk about local food.

I'm currently waiting for the flight to Mauii.

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