Wednesday, December 26, 2012

National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific

Took a long walk from Waikiki beach to the National Memorial Cemetery of the pacific. We walked rather fast, and started a couple of hours before sunset. Don't know how long time it took to walk there,  but it was probably close to 90 minutes. We arrived only 40 minutes before they closed the gates, so we had to hurry to get out in time. The gates closed at 5:30 pm, and sunset was around 6 pm.

The cemetery was similar to Arlington in Washington, only smaller, and the graves doesn't have white crosses.  About 50.000 soldiers are buried in the cemetery. Some have been identified, but far from all. The cemetery was created in an old volcano crater a couple of years after 2nd world war ended.  Not all deceased are from pearl harbor, many came from other battles.

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