Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Sakura bullet train

Sakura is one of the bullet trains, or Shinkansen as the Japanese signs says. Had never used it before. We had previously travelled with Hikari. All bullet trains so far have had vending machines in them, but not this one. 
There's however a lady walking around selling snacks.

This one also has less legroom, but still plenty if you don't have a huge bag in front of you.

It's possible to store luggage at the end of the car.

One thing to note is that all seats always are facing forward since they can be rotated. Another cool thing is that the trains leaves and arrives when they are expected to. Our ticket says that we will be in Shin-Osaka at 12:44, and the train will be the at that time, and leave about 1 minute later.

The Sakura will take us from Hiroshima to Shin-Osaka, and we will then take a local train to Osaka. We then board the train that goes to Nara.

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