Friday, January 4, 2013

Drove around Oahu

Rented a convertible for one day and drove around the Island of Hawaii.

Our first stop was supposed to be the Dole pineapple plantation. We got there an hour before they opened, so we changed our plans and drove to north shore to watch surfers. Found a very nice beach with some surfers, a guy who was snorkeling and a guy who was fishing. Odd combination of people. I wouldn't snorkel where someone is fishing. Watched for about 15 minutes and then drove back to Dole.
It rained a lot when we arrived the second time, so we only bought a pineapple icecream and then left the plantation.

We then drove along the coastline clockwise. Very scenic road. Stopped after an hour to eat lunch at a cool local restaurant that had many delicious things on the menu. The shrimps were grown locally, and they had organic food as well. I ordered garlic shrimp with home made fries and guacamole.

We continued our clockwise trip, and then drove to a shopping mall in Pearl city. The convertible couldn't fit much luggage since the top took up much of the space when it was down.

One thing that is a bit odd is that the highway between Honolulu and Pearl city has 6 lanes in each direction. Didn't expect to see that large roads here. Another surprising thing is that the highway was totally jammed during rush hour.

Kayaking and snorkeling is on the schedule for tomorrow.

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