Monday, January 7, 2013

Surfing and surfing

Had a really nice day today. Surfed for two hours today.

Was a bit hard. I had brought my gorilla pod and GoPro to the beach, so I was holding the camera while I was paddling, and then tried to record movies while surfing. Didn't get any good shots of me during that acrobat act, but got some good shots of Ida while I was sitting on my board.

I used a short sleeved rash guard, but I wish I had one with long sleeves. A rash guard is a bit like a t-shirt but for water activities. It protects from the sun, and from rash due to friction when paddling and getting up on the surfboard. I usually use a wetsuit when surfing in Europe since the water is colder there, I have now learnt that it also protects from rash on the forearms. The short sleeved rash guard doesn't.
I do now have a rash on my right forearm.

I bought a long sleeved rash guard after today's surf.

Had a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Very good food, but got so full so I couldn't eat any cheesecake. Bought one to go instead :)

Sorry for different editing of the photos. Some come from my mobile and some from my GoPro.

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