Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Watching surfers at Jaws

Jaws is one of the most well known big waves in the world. It's a huge wave that can be seen on the north shore of Mauii a couple of times per year. It requires certain conditions to be met in order to appear, and those conditions happened during the weekend and today.

The location of the wave is about 90 min drive from Lahaina. The final road that takes you to the viewing point was very muddy so I parked a mile from the end of the road and walked the rest of it barefoot.

I did unfortunately not bring a good zoom lens, so I used 100 mm from a far distance. I think I got some  good shots.

The mobile did however not catch any good shots since it can't zoom at all. Don't know how big Jaws was this time, but it can become 50 feet high. 

Lots of people were watching, and it was good that I left the car where I did. Saw lots of cars that were stuck in the mud when I walked back.

Did some googling and saw that someone has posted a video of Jaws from earlier today.


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