Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Started the day with an one hour drive to turtle beach. It's supposed to be a good place for snorkeling with turtles.

We started snorkeling but quit after only 10 minutes. The waves were getting a bit too large, and it was hard to see anything due to the sand that the waves stirred up.

One problem that I've had when snorkeling and swimming is the damn car keys. Why have keys that aren't waterproof? Went to a surf shop and bought a waterproof bag for the keys. Now I don't have to dig them down in the sand for hiding every time I want to swim. Sweet!

Had lunch at a Hawaiian taco place. I had a fish dish with some really spicy sauce.

Well, we couldn't snorkel today so we drove to Maui Aquarium instead. Had to see some sharks and turtles :-)

Will now go to bed early, will do some whale safari early tomorrow morning.

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